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Empowered‚Äč By Knowledge Inc.

About Us

Even though Empowered by Knowledge, Inc was just organized in April, 2022. The Founder Sharon Youse Griffin has always wanted to have a non-profit organization that focus around the youth and finances. She believed  if started at a young age educating about finances as they grow into adulthood they would not have to struggle with the lack of knowledge about finances.  

Sharon along with her staff have 65 years of experience in the finance industry. 

The programs offered at Empowered by Knowledge will include the participation of the parents. 


Our  youth shall gain the knowledge of how the usage of their minds can generate wealth for all generations to come.

Our youth shall gain the knowledge that all are gifted in their own unique way.

Our youth shall have fun while gaining the knowledge.


We at Empowered by Knowledge look to witness, that as the youth grow to adulthood they will be able to use the knowledge they gain to pay it  forward to the next generation.

Education should be fun at any level. 

Creativity based on ones abilities will make the difference as to how success is looked upon